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Why organic eggs?

What makes Natural & Premium Food Organic Eggs ORGANIC & Special?

Free Range
No Antibiotics
No Artificial or Growth HORMONE
Our Feeds are Free from Toxic Agricultural Chemical
No Artificial Color (Chlorophyllred)
No Bird Flu Vaccine
100% Genuinely Natural and Healthy- Lower Cholesterol levels than Caged Eggs and More Nutritious than Caged Eggs- in Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Omega 3


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4 Organic Eggs
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10 Organic Eggs
(Special Size from our teenage Hens)
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10 Organic Eggs

Our farm was awarded for Outstanding Accomplishment in Organic Farming & The Leader in Organic Farming and Health Care in Thailand By UNITED NATIONS (UN), 2003, The Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Our Mother Chickens are Free Range, meaning that they are not caged, having freedom to roam around freely in a large enclosed barn area as opposed to the commonly used caged factory farms, which confine Mother Chickens in a small cage allowing for limited movements.

In caged factory farms, only the Mother Chicken’s heads are allowed outside of the cage to peck feed. Cages, which can be single or multiple floors, are packed and stacked close to each other to maximize space utilization. In caged factory, Mother Chickens treated in captivity is not the right way to take care of her. We believe that in caged factory condition, Mother Chickens’ immunity system is weakened, and so they must heavily rely on many types of drugs, medication and hormone to enhance their immunity.

For Free Range condition, Mother Chickens can roam freely so they get sufficient exercise and live as mother nature created them, therefore, becoming healthy on their own. Our Mother Chickens are not stressful, thus, having a balanced hormonal level. Several researches suggest that stressed animals produce excessive hormones in their body which can pose greater risks of cancer for themselves and the consumers who eat them.

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Our organic eggs are guaranteed not to contain any Antibiotics Residual. We do not rely on any use of Antibiotics because we believe that our Free Range Mother Chickens should be healthy in their natural state. Instead, we use natural herbs and bio immunity enhancer, by fermenting several types of fruits in a hygienic process. Our eggs are free of antibiotics. Many Antibiotics for Mother Chickens are the same as the ones administered for humans. Several evidence suggest that current antibiotics treatment in animals for conventional farming leave antibiotic residues in meat and eggs which increase antibiotics resistance and reduce effectiveness of antibiotics treatment in humans; and this could prove dangerous especially when infection is serious.

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Artificial Hormones are commonly found in the commercial feed to increase egg productions. We strongly believe that Artificial Hormone contamination, through their feeds, in eggs will not lead to safe consumption. We Guarantee that our feeds are free from Artificial Hormone. Feed used for our Free Range Mother Chickens are carefully selected from trustworthy sources that we built a long-term relationship with.

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With years of experience coupled with the goal to seek chemical free feed and through inspection, we are proud to obtain feed, free of pesticides and toxic agricultural chemicals. This is possible because we have been supplying raw materials to our grain grower to make bio-fertilizer for their farm which have been successfully undertaking organic concept for years.
Most commercial feeds in the market have high concentration of pesticides and chemical residuals to a much worrying level. Eggs are undoubtedly contaminated with these toxic if the mothers are fed with such commercial feeds.

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Our Organic Eggs are guaranteed to be free of chlorophyllred chemical. Chlorophylred is used for making the yolk red and we believe this can be dangerous for consumption.

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We are strongly against using bird flu vaccines for Mother Chickens. Many experts have warned that vaccination will cause the bird flu virus strain mutation, which will be even more difficult to control. With years of experience, our Mother Chickens are raised to be strong & healthy in a naturally controlled environment. And our Free Range Chicken farm has never been reported with Bird Flu.

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With our care, we strive to produce high quality Organic Eggs from healthy Free Range other Chickens. We believe that our Organic Eggs are not only pure, free from drugs and toxic contamination, but also have certain special features, as follows:
1. Lower Cholesterol levels than Caged Eggs
Free Range Mother Chickens can roam around and exercise, therefore containing less fat with lower cholesterol in their eggs.
2. More Nutritious than Caged Eggs
Free Range Mother Chickens, being allowed to run around, eat more with great variety, can naturally produce much higher quality eggs than caged ones in term of nutrition.(

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Natural & Premium Food strongly advocates treating the animal right.

We believe caging them, allowing only the Mother Chickens’ heads to peck on the feed and minimal movement is not natural. We believe this is torturing them.

We don’t turn artificial light all day and night for them to wake up all the time to peck feeds in order to increase egg productivity. We believe this is torturing them.

We raise them and treat them as if they were our children - allowing them to be strong & healthy naturally - to be happy for the span of time they have. Sometimes they sing, argue and play amongst each other.

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