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Why we belive in organic?

Something to think about

While different people have different views on eating organic foods, we would like to share our views on how critical the situations of today’s foods and natural resources are.

Foods we eat everyday and resources we and our next generations depend on:
What are Today’s food issues?
What make “Safety Food” safe?
Does the following matter to you?

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NON ORGANIC FARMING, Intensive farming or conventional farming depends largely on the use of various agricultural chemicals, namely chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and other chemical-based disease controlled agents.

These chemicals are toxic to our environment destroying the water resource, killing the soil beneficial or good micro organism (natural immune system of the soil) and destroying the ecosystem of the farm. Eventually, these toxic chemicals gradually destroy the natural health of soil, beneficial living organism, and ecology system inside and around the farm. Inevitably, non organic farmers are forced to use more and more agricultural chemicals with increasing intensity to control pest, control diseases and stabilize the soil.

Today, more and more people have learned that such chemical based agricultural technology, with sole objective of maximizing yields to get more crops at cheaper price, can provide food but at the expense of not only farmers’ safety but also consumers’ health, and our environment, undermining our sustainable development and our future at large. Most of these chemicals are petroleum based products and their use are contributing to our global warming problem, which is today, the most critical issue we are facing.


Do they sound scary? “Yes they do.”
In mot cases, there is very little control over how they are used in non-organic farm sector and in what quantities and combinations.

Is certain level of these chemicals with an unknown combination left over on your food considered safe?
“We believe not.”
The combination of these types of chemical, even a small amount but variety, is called “Cocktail Effect”.
This has harmful effect on your health, your immune system and causes cancer in the medium and long term.

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Large proportion of petroleum are used and turned into fertilizers for agricultural uses.

Is the use of Chemical Fertilizers safe for our environments?
Does Chemical Fertilizers enhance long term fertility of our soil, produce more nutritious crops, and promote sustainable yields?
“We believe not.”
And we don’t believe they are the answer to our nature and to our food.

Although they can quickly enhance yield, they have very harmful effects on the soil, destroying the living & useful micro organism in the soil, and hence ultimately deteriorating our ecosystem and environment in the long term. And this phenomenon has been evident for the last decade, after its introduction 5 decades ago.

Our organic principles

Natural & Premium Food’s Organic Farming

With Over 15 years of organic farming experience, Natural& Premium Food, is committed to producing the highest standards of organic food, genuinely safe and wholesome food in such ways that preserve and promote our environment.
Natural & Premium Food’s Organic Farming is based on a farming system that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We keep them out of soil, water and the air.

 Natural & Premium Food’s Organic Farming
 Based on Bio-Agriculture Technology

 Placeholder image KEEP OUR SOIL HEALTHY

Instead of using chemical fertilizers, we rely on Bio & Organic fertilizers and compost that contains high quality natural based nutrients and beneficial microorganism; occasionally, we also add natural minerals.

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Instead of using toxic chemical pesticides, we rely on beneficial insects, and sometimes use approved natural extract to control pest. We use crop rotation to prevent pest buildup and break the infestation cycle. Periodically we however may lose the battle to the pest, but we believe it is worth it.

 Placeholder image DISEASE CONTROL

Instead of using various kinds of chemical such as fungicides to keep disease in check, we rely on cover crops and crop rotation. Planting crop in the same location consecutively promote the buildup of disease. For our organic farming, keeping the soil healthy with biological control approaches can help control disease because it has beneficial or good organisms, bacteria and fungi that break down organic matters into nutrients, readily used by plant; and these micro organisms act like white blood cells or your immune system in our human bodies, which can help fight diseases.

 Placeholder image WEED CONTROL

Weeds compete with our crops for nutrients and water. To keep them in check, instead of using chemical herbicides, we rely on cover crops to keep sunlight away from weeds and, in addition, using drip irrigation to control the distribution of water only around the plant line. Getting rid of them by small machines and hands are also our routine work.

What Natural & Premium Food has learned :

By focusing on the health and the fertility of our soil with our biological approaches, we can naturally produce highly nutritious crops. And since we have learned that nature best takes care of nature herself, we can produce wholesome and genuinely safe food without the need to rely on agricultural toxic chemicals.

Our core principles of farming:

We wholeheartedly believe in our organic farming not only can produce wholesome & genuinely safe foods for us, but also can bring many other positive consequences as followings:

- Sustainable farming,
- Protecting the environment,
- Conserving and making best use of natural resources,
- Respecting all forms of lives,
- And most important of all, looking after our next generations.

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