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Probiotics are the “good guys” that keep the population of all other microorganisms in our body in check. In other words, if there are too much germs in your body without the good guys to kill and limit them, your body will be out of balance and you will be sick.

Probiotics help us in 2 ways:

(1) Compete for food and space with potential harmful microbes in our digestive gut.

(2) Release chemical substances to kill or limit germs growth.

Balance of kinds of microorganism is the key to our body’s maximum functionality.

With today’s rush in the world and along with toxic chemical residues in our food, we do not get the benefits of sufficient LIVE Probiotics. Therefore, thanks to today’s biotechnology, the pure culture of one single strain of a microorganism can be obtained and utilized for maximum benefits that we have in our “Probiotics and Herbs” drink.