mixed salad
leafy vegetables
ready to cook

organic seeds

White Chia Seeds Black Chia Seeds 3 Color Quinoa White Quinoa
Red Quinoa Black Quinoa Amaranth Seeds White Seame Seeds
Black Seame Seeds Golden Flax Seeds Brown Flax Seeds Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds      


Organic Cereals

Buckwheat Grains Pearl Barley Grains Oat Grains Hulled Millet


Organic Beans

White Kidney Beans Mung Beans Red Kindey Beans Black Kindey Beans
Adzuki Beans 5 Mixed Beans Chickpeas Green Lentils
Cowpeas Pinto Beans    

Did you find what you were looking for? We only included some of our products for reference. Should you need any other Organic Fruits, please contact: sales_manager@npfood.com or (domestic call) Tel: +662-136-2140-8


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