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leafy vegetables
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Natural & Premium Food takes careful pride in the selection process to ensure freshness. We want to ensure that cooking comfort and pleasure is provided. They are all Ready-to-Cook Meals- for soups, stir-fried or any other exciting menus you can think of. We sell in packs and in bulk for food services.

At our farm, it is our passion & commitment to bring you the best organic food. And What we mean is:

        - Finest Quality
        - Pure & Organic
        - Wholesome
        - More Minerals
        & Antioxidants

Beetroot Carrot Coin Carrot Stick
Potato Pumpkin Radish
Yellow Onion    
Stir-Fry Set
Stir-Fry Set 1 Stir-Fry Set 2 False Pakchoi Stir Fried
Pakcho iStir Fried    
Soup Set
Soup Set Radish Soup  
Mixed Set
Banja 4 Friends  
Shabu Set Suki Set  

Did you find what you were looking for? We only included some of our products for reference. Should you need any other Organic Ready-to-cook Meals, please contact: sales_manager@npfood.com or (domestic call) Tel: +662-136-2140-8


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